Hire A Party Wall Surveyor For Your Construction Project

Party wall is one thing that every owner in London should understand. It is the common wall shared between two properties. So, if there is any home renovation work or construction work taken up by any home owner, it can raise a dispute with the neighbor.

If you do not want any kind of dispute, it is better to seek guidance from the professional party wall surveyors based on London such as Parallel Consultancy. They are qualified chartered surveyors who will guide you to follow the step by step process to prevent any dispute.

Why do you need a party wall surveyor?

The first thing that they advise is to seek the permission of the neighbor and get the consent in writing by sending a party wall notice and getting into an agreement. The surveyor also inspects the property and based on the construction project explains if there would be any damage to the adjacent property. If any damage occurs, it is the duty of the other party to bear the expense. This prevents any legal action that the neighbor can take.

Different types of party wall notices

  • Line of junction notice – minimum period of this notice is 1 month
  • Party structure notice – 2 months minimum period is required
  • Notice of adjacent excavation – It also requires a one month minimum period. There are two different types of excavations. The first is excavating 3 meters of the building of the neighbor and the second is 6 meters.