Enjoy the Old School Gaming Consoles and Revive Your Childhood

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If you wish to play the old classic games of 80s and 90s then there are many solutions available. It depends on the game you desire to play. Options are available accordingly. You can look for specific platforms offering your favorite games.

game controller

Two kinds of classic gaming consoles, which can play original cartridges are 

  1. Vintage retro games console
  2. Clone retro game console

The first one is very hard to find and may not last long. Due to increase in demand for retro games, several companies are designing a clone of the original consoles. You can buy the traditional Sega or NES system with wired retro games controller.

Nintendo NES system

This model was released in 1983. It plays ROM cartridges. Today, you can buy refurbished models. The sound and graphics have since then enhanced a lot and gaming is updated to current level seen on Xbox.

Super NES

In Japan, this was called Super Famicom, when it was released in 1990. It succeeded NES and is associated with the start of Mario Kart trend.

Sega Genesis

Sega Genesis in its time was all about mortal combat, madden football, street fighter, and sonic the hedgehog. Players used to have competitions during birthday party. It is available with two controllers and give you a chance to revive the old times.

Atari 2600

It was the first real console, which allowed you to use game cartridge instead of inbuilt hard-codes. It was supper popular and pioneer of bringing games in your living room.