Few Common Mistakes To Avoid While Working With Any Hydraulic Equipment

People who have worked with various kinds of hydraulic equipments have learnt plenty of things after observing their performance. Based on such observations, they have learnt that there are few common mistakes that many users often make. Let us learn them from their experience.

  1. Changing the oil

If you go through the oil change instructions provided in hydraulics online, you will find that it is instructed to change oil only when the oil level is depleted or when base oil is degraded. However there is no way to detect whether oil is degraded and hence changing oil without proper verification may lead to waste of money. On the other hand if machine continued to operate with degraded oil then service life of the equipment reduces.

  1. Changing of filters

Similar mistake is also observed in change of filter. If you blindly change filters as per schedule then you may end up changing a healthy filter. In case you over use the filter, then life of equipment reduces. Therefore change the filter, when you observe drop of pressure due to dirt.

  1. Running too hot

Often people continue to operate machine even when it gets hot and due to this reason many of the hydraulic components may get destroyed.

  1. Using the wrong grade of oil

Hydraulic oil is one of the important components of any hydraulic system. It not only works as lubricant but also as power to drive the mechanism. Therefore it is necessary to use right viscosity of oil in order to get satisfactory performance of the machine.

In addition to that people often make mistake in location of the filter and end up destroying the component.