A Unique Printing Method For Meeting Your Business Needs

In the business organisations, there are several needs of printing. Brochure, company documents, pamphlets, posters, business cards, envelops, magazines and many more items are printed regularly for meeting various needs of the corporations despite its size. Out of the various techniques and styles of printing, spot UV printing is the latest printing method which is gaining popularity because of its unique printing output. This type of printing brings new creativity and beauty which dazzles your eyes. It gives the new distinctive look to the business printed items. Nowadays, this type of printing method is gaining popularity because it is low cost, versatile and impact printing method. There are lots of printing companies which offer this type of printing services. You can get in touch with any of the reliable printing companies to meet the spot UV print requirements of your business.

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Know the latest printing method

Spot UV is an ideal technique in which certain areas of the printed materials are embossed and glossy as compared to the other areas on the same printed material. You can say that only the parts which are needed to be highlighted, including text and image both, are accentuated with the gloss finish. The end result of this type of printing is quite embracing.

From the name of this printing method, you can relate the use of ultraviolet light in this printing technique. UV light is used in this printing for curing the gloss finishing. This UV coating is completely safe for the environment as well as the humans. It does not emit any kind of harmful radiations and is safe from the solvents. This type of printing works well on all types of papers ranging from paper with high thickness to extremely thinner paper.


Purpose of Spot UV prints

The main idea of using this type of printing is to highlight the logo, name of the company, address, services and other important parts of the printed item. It highly aims to grab the attention of the reader. The combination of the gloss and matte finishing add a mesmerizing effect to it. It easily helps them to remember at least the name of the company. This type of printing creates the effect of emboss with a thick varnish coating which creates the striking imagery look.

Here are the few reasons that will let you know why varnish coating is done of the prints for highlighting:

  • Coating makes the embossed image eye catchy and appealing
  • Protect the ink from smudges, dirt and scratches
  • It also makes the printing surface scuff resistant
  • It gives the velvet touch to the paper on which it is done which overall helps in forming the brand image.

Glitter UV printing

This is another popular printing method which is done as the combination of glitter printing with spot UV print. In this process of printing, the varnish coating with glitter is used for opaque and solid finishing which helps in enhancing the looks of the printed items. This type of printing is done ideally for the greeting cards, calendars, gift covers and even on the packaging paper which can be used for the corporate gifts.